I cannot always post my score. What’s going on?

You can only post a score if you did not redo a turn during the course
of a game. Try playing a game without using redo. You should then get
a window asking for your name. If you don’t then something is wrong and
it would be nice to see what information is displayed in your browser’s
Java console.

The applet never loads. I have a gray box instead of a start button on the main game page.

The applet hasn’t finished downloading yet. Be patient…

Your browser is having trouble downloading the applet. Try flushing your browser’s cache and reloading the page.

Your browser doesn’t support Java.

I get an error or wait indefinitely while posting my score.

If you’re using a dial up connection, make sure that you are connected.

You may be behind a company firewall that restricts HTTP posting. If you are using the game from home, then this is very likely not the problem.

If the aforementioned problems are not the cause, contact me for help. It will be important to know if the post problem occurs all the time, if it has ever worked before, …

How can you get such high scores?

Partially dumb luck. Keep in mind that some of the high scores were posted by highly addicted YahtzREE gamers who spent many hours working for those high scores.

One simple thing you can try is to only start games whose the first roll is a YahtzREE or at least four ov a kind. That way you’ll start off on the right foot. To get a really high score you’ll need to get more than one YahtzREE.

How do scores get computed?

Please read the instructions.

Can this game be played with other players online?

No. I haven’t received sufficient demand for this feature.

May I include a copy of YahtzREE on my website for [whatever reason]?

I have a policy of not distributing the game, basically to keep my life simple. I don’t want to have to track who has the game and keep them updated when I produce updates to the game or site.

If you want to provide links to my site feel perfectly free. I don’t mind the publicity.