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Secure Common Entrances Aren’t That Secure

Do you live in a multi-tenant building such as an apartment or a dorm/residence hall with common entries?  You should consider that you secured entry ways probably aren’t as secure as you think.  Read on over at my other site

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Safety Tip: Don’t be too flashy with your cash

Details over on Personally Safe LLC.

Dos Equis Man Meme stating: I don't always whip out cash in public. But when I do, I try not to look too wealthy.

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WHEN do you fire employees?

Over on my other site, I’ve got a safety tip post titled Businesses…be mindful of WHEN you fire someone.

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Road raging driver after you?

Over on my other site, I take a look at a recent, local road rage incident in which a woman got hurt.  I reflect on her decisions and what she might have done to escape the situation safely.

Summary?  A few rules for improving your outcome as a victim of a road ranger include:

  • Drive away if you can
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Twin Cities Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

On Saturday, June 30th, 2012, I’ll be conducting a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar at the Base Camp classroom near Fort Snelling. It’s located near the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. So it shouldn’t be too hard to get to for anyone in the Twin Cities metro area.

I’ve done some teaching over the past couple years, but mostly of it has been informal. I’ve finally gotten my act together, set up a training organization called Personally Safe LLC, and will be running… Continue reading

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MN Violent Crime News Feed

For several years, I’ve been using Yahoo!’s Pipes to aggregate news from all over Minnesota and then filter it down to stories that have words and phrases commonly associated with violent crime.

Last month my Pipe stopped working. I managed to figure out why and fix it this weekend. In the process, I added many, many new news providers to the Pipe. I figured it’d be worth sharing with others.

To subscribe point your News Reader to this URL:

To see the Pipe’s definition itself go here:

Hopefully someone… Continue reading

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What’s another ten minutes?

A common recommendation in safety and defense discussions for dealing with road rage assailants, particularly when traffic is light, is to immediately drive to a populated area or to a police station, somewhere you expect that you will get others’ attention. Ideally, the road-rager will disengage when he or she sees that you are no longer a single helpless target, where the presence of others will result in them being held accountable for their aggressive behavior.

Picture of a Road Raging Driver

Image courtesy
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