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Patch Your Own Damned Tire

Satety Seal Tire Patch Kit

I’ve had a Safety Seal tire patch kit for several years. I got it back when I was wheeling my HUMMER and have used it several times. For the past few years, it’s just sat in a tool box in the back of my truck, unused. Until this weekend.

Saturday, we got in the car and the driver information center (DIC) lit up, “Check Left Rear Tire Pressure.” Ugggh. It was holding well at 26 pounds, and since we weren’t going far, I didn’t delay the outing. Upon return I topped the pressure off at the recommended 35lbs.

First chance I had Sunday, I checked the pressure on the DIC, 26lbs again 🙁 A quick check of the tire with a flash light revealed a screw embedded between the lugs.… Continue reading

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