M&P Front Site Repair

The day after a range trip a couple months ago, while doing some dry fire training at home, I discovered the white dot had fallen out of the front sight of my M&P. The geek that I am, I hopped on google and discovered that I’m not the only one who’s had this sort of problem.  In fact, it seems like a rather common occurrence.

Photo of front sight missing it's white paint dot.

While I’ve had good success with ordering parts from Smith and Wesson, I figured I’d try something simpler than a factory replacement.  What says it’s not as prone to failure as the original?  That aside, I wasn’t interested in testing out how well the sight blade had been fix into its dovetail slot.

I looked in my paint supplies and didn’t have anything which would be an obvious replacement paint such as a Rustoleum or Krylon paint for metals.  Only dark colors for those.  The household art supply box?  The closest thing to suitable was a low grade craft enamel.

Ah ha!  The wife’s nail polish collection?  Bingo.  She has a nice pearl white hard nail polish.  I had heard of people filling the words or manufacturer symbols engraved on their guns slides with nail polish to make them stand out, and they didn’t seem to have issues with the nail polish wearing off.

I cleaned out the hole with alcohol and let it dry, then put a drop in the hole and wiped the excess off…all over the blade and front of the slide.  Note: if you ever give this a try, use as little as possible and tape off the slide and side of the sight posts.

The phone cam photo may not show it, but it looks like factory new now. And it’s had probably some 900+ rounds through it. So it seems durable enough…and was a lot faster and easier than messing with replacement parts.

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