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igfxpers.exe really IS required on my UMPC

If you’re somewhat tech savvy, you may periodically look into the long list of processes that is running on your Windows PC. Google them by their “image name” or the name of the executable that’s running and you often can find entries in windows process databases like
this one, this one, this one, this one, etc. that describe the process as

It is a legitimate program, but it isn’t required.

After receiving my replacement eo from TabletKiosk recently to correct an issue
with the usability of the TouchStyk I found that it had a whole bunch of processes running that I didn’t recognize. One of them, igfxpers.exe, was described as “legitimate, but not required.” So in an effort to reclaim resources that “unnecessary” background programs are using, I removed the string entry for it it from my registry’s


key without much thought. Only after about half a day, I discovered that it really was doing something useful and should be running.… Continue reading

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Wireless Adapters That Periodically Disconnect on UMPCs

In the UMPC realm, a number of people have commented about their wifi connections periodically disconnecting. Apparently, owners of the Asus R2H and some owners of Samsung Q1s have had a lot of problems with their wireless connections periodically dropping. I’ve had my TabletKiosk eo i7210 for almost 4 months now and have noticed occasionally that the wifi connection would drop and reconnect occasionally. It never seemed to cause any inconveniences to me, so I ignored it. But when I read DanDar3’s story on the issue and how he upgraded the Intel drivers in his UMPC and improved his situation, I decided to look into the issue further.… Continue reading

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