“Turning Off” the display on a PC

I recently mounted a TabletKiosk eo i7210 in my Hummer H2. I quickly realized that when using it at night, it would be very handy when I’m not actively using it to turn off the display without turning the machine off or putting it in standby/hibernate. With the screen dimmed all the way, it is still bright enough to reduce visibility out on the road and is also annoying to anyone who might be trying to sleep in back like my son.

What occurred to me was something ridiculously and naively simple. Put a shortcut to the “Blank” XP screensaver on the desktop or start bar quick launch tray. This screen saver is typically stored at:


Then whenever I want to “turn off” the screen, tap/click that shortcut and voila, the screen goes blank.

I could have also created an “Driving at Night” power scheme that would turn off the display after just a minute. But then you have to wait a minute instead of getting instant gratification. I prefer the blank-screen saver-as-a-monitor-off-switch approach.

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