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“Turning Off” the display on a PC

I recently mounted a TabletKiosk eo i7210 in my Hummer H2. I quickly realized that when using it at night, it would be very handy when I’m not actively using it to turn off the display without turning the machine off or putting it in standby/hibernate. With the screen dimmed all the way, it is still bright enough to reduce visibility out on the road and is also annoying to anyone who might be trying to sleep in back like my son.… Continue reading

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Mounting a TabletKiosk eo i7210 in a HUMMER H2 – Part 2

Summary: Mounting of a TabletKiosk oe i7210 UMPC in a HUMMER H2

In Part 1, I mention how Ram Mounts was the only mounting component vendor (at the time) to have a UMPC holder that was sized well enough to hold the TabletKiosk eo i7210. Given that, I decided I’d go with an all Ram Mounts based solution to mount the eo in my HUMMER H2.

This is the full list of requirements I had in mind when planning this mount. Some were missing from my first post.

  1. allow for quick insertion/removal of the UMPC into vehicle
  2. don’t obscure air vents
  3. don’t obscure shifter or cup holders
  4. don’t obscure center console stereo, climate controls, transfer case, e-locker, and traction control buttons
  5. don’t encroach on passenger space
  6. securely hold it in off-road driving situations
  7. position at convenient location for use by driver, i.e. don’t have to stretch or bend to reach or read it
  8. allow for repositioning for use by passenger
  9. minimize visible impact to vehicle – while I own the H2 and don’t plan to get rid of it until it dies, I’d prefer not to mar parts of the dash that are in plain view

This is a pretty healthy list of requirements. I decided that, to fulfill them, I had to use some sort of mounting arm that’s attached near the floor in a carpeted area where holes are out of sight, where the arm can be adjusted after installation, and the eo sits in a cradle at the end of that arm. It probably wasn’t going to be the cheapest or most turnkey solution.… Continue reading

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