TouchStyk Misaligned on my TabletKiosk eo i7210

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I’ve had a few problems with my new TabletKiosk eo i7210 UMPC. We’ll I’ve had questions via email from a few people about it so I’ll describe some of them.

One of the first things I noticed after getting the device was that if I tried to use the TouchStyk controller to move the mouse, it really only wanted to go to the right and down. Attempts to move it to the left resulted in the mouse moving very slowly or not at all.

After a while looking around for some sort of software configuration options, I discovered that the dish shaped stick on the right side of the i72xx is really just a slip on cover over a rubbery/plastic stick that is mounted in a hole in the front cover of the machine. When I pulled it off, I immediately saw the problem.

In this picture, blurry as it is, you can see that the stick is not centered in the hole.

Unlike the IBM trackpoint red-dot sticks that don’t really move but rather just sence variable pressure upon them, this stick moves like a joystick to register user input. When you put the OE stick cover over it, it doesn’t have enough free play to move left and up. It’s just a simple physical impediment.

A call to TabletKiosk and without any fuss at all, they said they’d swap it out for a replacement when new units became available in a few weeks and issued me an RMA number. They say they won’t leave me without a machine too. So they’ll send out the new unit before requiring the original one come back. You have to like support like that.

I think that when these units came in really late at the end of August, TabletKiosk did a fair amount of due diligence testing, delaying shipment for a couple days, but trying to get them in customers hands as soon as possible. In the process, a little defect like this got overlooked. I don’t fault them for walking that thin line between customer satisfaction and risking some support calls on issues they didn’t have time to identify. The 800-1000 customers that got the units before they suspended shipping due to video driver issues, myself included, are almost certainly all very happy they got their units when they did, defects and all.

In the meantime I’ve simply left the cap off and am using directly. I contemplated not doing the exchange as I could just use it with the cap off, but since TabletKiosk was so helpful, and since it might just be nice to use the TouchStyk with the OE cover on, I’m going to go through with it.

Thanks TabletKiosk for your good support.

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