Received My eo i7210

I preordered my TabletKiosk eo i7210 on August 10th. They were supposed to start shipping “by the end of August.” Come August 31st, my order status was still pending and my credit card hadn’t been charged.

Apparently, they arrived in the California warehouses late that day and TabletKiosk needed to perform some burn in testing prior to shipping them. As of Friday, September 1st, they hadn’t started shipping either…the first pre-orderer, Dennis Rice at, hadn’t gotten notice of shipping.

Dennis finally got his on September 7th. That same day, I found out that TabletKiosk was trying to charge my card and couldn’t. I had used my credit cards “shop safe” capability to create a one-time use credit card number and for some reason unknown to me, it wasn’t working. Damn technology!!!
So I gave them my regular card number, they shipped it that day and it arrived on Monday, September 11th.

The box has arrived

The product box

Ahhh, the machine itself

Apparently others have not been so lucky. foufymous on this thread at origamiprojects forums has indicated that he’s heard from TabletKiosk on 9/12 or 9/13 that shipping on the i72xx series units has been delayed due to some software driver issues (response to him from TK):

Thank you for contacting TabletKiosk. We have received your order, however at this moment we have stopped shipping units due to a identified software driver issue. We anticipate we should have this issue resolved within the next 72 hours at which time we will resume shipping these units.

So those who have not gotten them as of today will probably not get them until middle of next week or later. I can certainly understand the disappointment they must feel as I’d rather have a machine with nuisance problems in hand than no machine at all.

I’ve set it up already, run into some problems, solved some, waiting on solutions for others. Stay tuned.

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