Mounting a TabletKiosk eo i7210 in a HUMMER H2 – Part 1

The moment the UMPC platform was unveiled at Microsoft, I immediately knew that I was going to put one of them in my HUMMER H2. My H2 doesn’t have an in-dash nav unit. It’s just a stereo, CD player, tape deck. I’m currently using a Creative Zen Touch to pipe audio into the head unit using an aux input module from Pacific Accessory Corporation that I installed a while ago. I figured, if I’m going to have a UMPC, it’s going to replace my Zen Touch and add every other capability I might want in-vehicle since it’s a complete Windows PC.

— Added on Sept-29 —

My requirements for this mount are:

  1. don’t obscure air vents
  2. don’t obscure shifter or cup holders
  3. don’t obscure center console stereo, climate controls, transfer case, e-locker, and traction control buttons
  4. securely hold it in offroad driving situations
  5. position at convenient location for use by driver (i.e. don’t have to stretch or bend to reach or read it)
  6. allow for repositioning for use by passenger

So I am pursuing a mount that positions it solidly over the center console cupholders and allows its orientation to be quickly adjusted without tools.

Now, one major problem is that there is no mounting system available for the TabletKiosk eo’s yet. TabletKiosk has a “Universal Mounting Plate” spec’ed out, but I don’t know when they’ll be available. I contacted Arkon, Ram Mounts, Panavise, and ProClips and no one had anything specifically made for the i7210, nor were there any generic/univeral holders that looked to be the right dimensions to hold the i7210.

What I did find is that Ram Mounts has a tablet holder for the Motion Computing LS800 (Part #RAM-HOL-MOT3U). The LS800 is 8.95″ wide and 6.7″ tall. The eo i7210 is 8.9″ wide and 5.63″ tall. The widths are nearly identical. The heights aren’t, but I was hoping that the Ram holder could be adjusted smaller or that I could pad the holder or modify it as needed to fit the eo i7210.

Picture of RAM Mount Holder for Motion Computing LS800

So I ordered one of these holders from and it arrived today.

After opening the box, I discovered that with the mount adjusted to it’s smallest size, the vertical gap from the top of the eo i7210 to the top clip of the holder is about one inch (prior to ordering, I hadn’t been able to obtain this specification from any person or website source).

Picture of TabletKiosk eo i7210 lying in Ram Mount cradle for Motion Computing LS800, front view.

Picture of TabletKiosk eo i7210 lying in Ram Mount cradle for Motion Computing LS800, side view.

Luckily, it is a nearly perfect fit width-wise. The lower corners of the eo are perhaps a bit more rounded than those of the LS800, but it sits nice and snugly inside the cradle.

I plan to keep this holder and start by padding the gap with a carefully trimmed piece of mini-cell foam. I think I can do that with out interfering with the air vents on the i7210 and without it looking too ugly. If that doesn’t pan out, I will hack up the adjustable top plate and fabricate something to position the retainer clip at the right height and depth.

I’m ordering the remainder of the Ram Mount components later today to mount it in the HUMMER.

Stay tuned. When the components arrive, I will post part 2…installing it all in the H2.


I added this because of Fej Nnud’s question. Here’s a slightly better picture of the back of the holder. I initially thought I’d cut up the sliding clip so that it can go an inch lower. It would be easy to cut the lower area scribbled in yellow to allow it to slide down farther. But the body of the holder needs to be cut too on the upper yellowed areas. Unfortunately those areas need to have about an inch cut away which would be below the position where the bolt that holds the sliding arm in place is located. The result would be two very cut up pieces that I couldn’t attach any more. 🙂

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