InScribe Keyboard as Fullscreen Touch Keyboard Video

Ilium Software has recently released InScribe as an alternative onscreen keyboard for tablet PCs and DialKeys for UMPC. It can be downloaded for free right now and runs on any Tablet PC.

A few people have taken a look at this product already, including James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun in this article. It’s got a number of features including a way that you can drag your finger/stylus between keys and it recognizes presses by change of direction and the ability to make your own keyboard layouts. But I just wanted to show how useful it is as a simple transparent touch screen keyboard.

Here’s a brief video showing me using it on my eo i7210 UMPC to type into notepad.

No it’s not a touch typist’s keyboard. You still have to type in a hunt-and-peck style as there isn’t a way to feel your way around the keyboard.

But since it’s transparent (you can adjust the transparency level to your liking), unlike the TIP, you can maximize it and still see your application behind it without having to move it. This makes the key’s large enough to tap without having to use a lot of super-fine motor skills or the stylus to hit the mark.

You can also temporarily touch “through” the keyboard by selecting the ghost key on the keyboard. Touching the ghost key again will return control to the keyboard. This saves you the trouble in some cases of wasting time minimizing and restoring the keyboard just to do a simple thing like change the caret position on the underlying application.

When you minimize it it will go neatly to the corner of the screen where you can quickly tap it the next time you want to use it. Plus there’s an option to start it at log in so it’s there, ready to use all of the time.

DialKeys offers a similar transparent overlay capability and comes preinstalled on UMPCs in the Microsoft Touch Pack. I have tried using it once or twice. But, while it looks compelling, I haven’t felt comfortable using it. However, using InScribe in this manner was very easy for me to get used to.
I’ll probably try using DialKeys more to see what it can offer, but for now I prefer InScribe much more.

I haven’t used the ink-dragging feature that is demonstrated here on their website. Touching the keys seems much more natural to me than dragging a stylus or my finger between them.

Since it’s free and it works pretty well, I’m going to keep InScribe installed use it regularly in cases where I need to type a larger volume quickly and don’t have a portable keyboard handy.
Thanks Ilium Software.

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