Next Carry Permit Class, 3/24/2013

I’ll be teaching a Carry Permit class on Sunday, March 24th in Burnsville, MN.  Details of the class and a registration form are here.  If you are interested in getting your permit or will be renewing soon, come sign up.

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Safety tip – lock up your purse at work

Another safety tip over on my business website:

Ladies. Secure your purses at work.

Most women carry a purse which contains a wallet, makeup, contact lens supplies, “feminine products” and sometimes other myriad life supplies. When they go to work, most simply find a discrete place to tuck it away since it’s too awkward to carry it around with them everywhere.

If you are one of these women, even if you work in a private company with controlled access and you implicitly trust your coworkers, you should consider taking extra steps to secure the most sensitive contents of your purse. Your hiding place might not be quite as secure as you think.

Continue reading…

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Pistol Magazine Loader That Sells Itself

Having trouble loading your handgun magazines? Try this loader that many people have discovered makes the task a breeze, the UpLULA.

The UpLULA Universal Pistol Mag Loader

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Secure Common Entrances Aren’t That Secure

Do you live in a multi-tenant building such as an apartment or a dorm/residence hall with common entries?  You should consider that you secured entry ways probably aren’t as secure as you think.  Read on over at my other site.

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Safety Tip: Don’t be too flashy with your cash

Details over on Personally Safe LLC.

Dos Equis Man Meme stating: I don't always whip out cash in public.  But when I do, I try not to look too wealthy.

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Next Refuse to be a Victim class

My next Refuse To Be A Victim class will be on Wednesday evening February 13, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm. This one will be oriented specifically to independent teens and young adults.  Parents and guardians with children going out on their own may want to enroll them or attend with them.

More info here:

Refuse To Be A Victim logoAre your kids spending more time on their own now that they or their friends can drive? Are they heading off to college or moving out on their own? Give them the knowledge and confidence to keep themselves safe wherever they are.

Students will learn how to avoid trouble and, in the unlikely event they are faced with a situation, options for dealing with it whether it’s on campus, traveling to or from school or work, or running errands. Youth will leave with confidence and an increased awareness of their environment.

This class is offered through the Lakeville, MN Community Education program and will be shortened to 3 hours focusing primarily on the safety topics most relevant to the intended student age group of  grades 11 through age 21.  Parental co-enrollment is encouraged.

Event registration will open on January 2nd, 2013 when the Lakeville Community Education website opens winter registration. Pencil it in and if you want me to remind you when registration opens send me a note here.

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WHEN do you fire employees?

Over on my other site, I’ve got a safety tip post titled Businesses…be mindful of WHEN you fire someone.

Go ahead and subscribe to my feed over there for more of these in the future.

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Road raging driver after you?

Over on my other site, I take a look at a recent, local road rage incident in which a woman got hurt.  I reflect on her decisions and what she might have done to escape the situation safely.

Summary?  A few rules for improving your outcome as a victim of a road ranger include:

  • Drive away if you can
  • Always leave maneuvering room when driving
  • Your car doors and windows can protect  you
  • Don’t reason with road ragers
  • When you are responsible for protecting others, don’t put yourself at more risk than necessary.

Read the whole thing here.

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Twin Cities Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

On Saturday, June 30th, 2012, I’ll be conducting a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar at the Base Camp classroom near Fort Snelling. It’s located near the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. So it shouldn’t be too hard to get to for anyone in the Twin Cities metro area.

I’ve done some teaching over the past couple years, but mostly of it has been informal. I’ve finally gotten my act together, set up a training organization called Personally Safe LLC, and will be running a variety of courses from time to time…in classrooms instead of people’s living rooms and basements 🙂

This is a course about personal safety strategies, not a firearms course or a self defense course. Anyone with an interest in learning what they can do to improve their safety level when at home or out and about should consider attending.

If you’re interested or know someone who is, you can sign up here.

On a side note, Base Camp is a cool facility run by the Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to class rooms, conference rooms and an amphitheater, they’ve got indoor climbing walls, ropes course, and a massive outdoor climbing wall.

This is a recap of my post on

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MN Violent Crime News Feed

For several years, I’ve been using Yahoo!’s Pipes to aggregate news from all over Minnesota and then filter it down to stories that have words and phrases commonly associated with violent crime.

Last month my Pipe stopped working. I managed to figure out why and fix it this weekend. In the process, I added many, many new news providers to the Pipe. I figured it’d be worth sharing with others.

To subscribe point your News Reader to this URL:

To see the Pipe’s definition itself go here:

Hopefully someone else finds it useful.

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